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    Unanswered: Hi need help in filtering out datain excel and copy to new worksheet

    Hi guys need some help. I have this problem as shown below

    BloodType Name Age Phone
    O Alvin 28 97613883
    A Triston 16 97789966
    O John 17 93825566
    O Yvonne 18 97921383
    A Michael 21 93393656
    B Winnie 22 97879956
    O Vivian 26 96791314
    B Tom 30 96693884
    O Ricky 27 93451234
    O Jun 22 94546666

    This is a example of a database i'm am creating in excel sheet format. What i want is to automate the process in excel so that it could filter out all the "O" group bloodtype and copy that row of imformation into a new excel sheet of the same workbook. Can anybody kind enough to teach me how to input formula or macro to solve this problem. I know if the data is small then i can cut and paste to another sheet. But the problem is i'm facing thousands of record which is impossible for me to do it one by one. Please advice

    Thanks in advance

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    the manual process for this is very quick and easy (youll probably kick yourself when you hear how its done) but i can help automate that process for you if you need that

    right the manual process
    select 1 cell in your data
    go to the data menu bar and choose autofilter,
    on the dropdown list that appears on each of your headings drop down the blood group 1
    choose O ( or if ive misunderstood and its everything barring O go to custom and in the top drop down box choose does not equal and in the 2nd box type O)
    highlight the rows remaining and copy and paste into your other worksheet

    if you need to then you can delete the O's out oif the first worksheet by using the Delete comand either through right click or the edit menu

    and that should be you sorted
    if you want an automated process post back and well sort you out

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