Dear all,
My DB2 8 was installed in AIX environment. I've configured the Task centre to perform DB backup on its own machine and another AIX machine.

It is very strange that the backup of remote AIX machine DB can be completed successfully (backup file size around 6GB) and the backup on the same machine failed with message 'File Full' (backup file size also around 6GB). The backup command can be completed successfully if it was submitted under telnet command line or scheduled under cronjob.

After that, I change the backup script to just perform a copy file command to copy a file with size around 6GB from one directory to another and the copy file action will stop when the file size reach 1073741312 bytes. Certainly, the command could be completed successfully if I entered it using telnet.

I've no idea how Task Center invoke the command but it is strange that the command could be completed under telnet or cornjob, but not Task Centre.

Anyone know why?