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    Unanswered: Migrating from Oracle to DB2

    I wanna transfer data present on an oracle 8 to a DB2 8.1 database.

    I have the free db2 migration toolkit.

    Could anyone help me with tips / links on how to use the toolkit....or any other method

    Or could someone help me out by listing the major steps I need to follow.

    I don't want to replicate the database....just need part of the data.


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    Attached are some scripts that you will find useful..


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    Thanks for the files...but they din make much sense to me....all I am looking for is a simple technique/tool to extract data from an oracle 8 db ..... I am plannin to write loading procedures or use the load command for loading data to the db2 database whose table structure is slightly different(a few additional columns) basically right now I am looking for a simple way to extract data from oracle....I have tried using toad but din help much ... also the db migration toolkit but the data is not delimited....i.e there are no commas separating the columns.....I have tried different combos but nothing seems to work....any help will be much appreciated

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