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    Unanswered: msado15.dll

    I've created a database which works fine on my PC. Which is a win2K machine with Access 2000. When this database is used on an other machine however certain features refuse to work and it complain's about a complier error, cant find project or libary, mentions the msado15.dll file. This PC is XP home and has Access 2002 on it.

    I've checked the references in VBA's Tools menu on both PC's and they are both referencing the same files. As far as I'm aware I'm not even referencing that particular file here at all as I can't see that particuar dll mentioned in my list on either PC. There is however a msado21.tbl. I've attached a gif of the references menu.
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    The reference library file msador15.dll is available at following path:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\ado

    It may be select using browser placed on the dialog appears for referencing lib files. (see attached image for ref.)

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