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    Unanswered: copy same data into multiple records

    I have a tabular form with some fields including "hired date" textbox.
    In fact, data (hired date) in this textbox sometime the same to each other. If I press ctrl+ ', access will copy same data from previous record to active record. So I must repeat pressing Ctrl+' many time.
    All you know in Excel, firstly copy data in one cell, and then you can paste it into multiple cells. can access do that (with or without vba)?

    For example, I filter my form so that it only displays people who are living in tokyo, and then I press button "copy" and it will copy hired date of one person living in tokyo into all remain people's "hired date" textbox.
    many thanks.

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    You can do that with an update query ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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