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    Unanswered: Setting Query time-out not using Enterprise Manager


    I've set the Query time-out parameter for my default MSDE instance to 1 sec (through the Enterprise Manager) and since the restart of the server I can't connect it through any client tool.
    Does anybody know how to return the default value of Query time-out (600s) without using enterprise manager?

    thanx a lot

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    1. Open Enterprise Mangler
    2. Right click the server
    3. Edit the connection properties

    You don't need to actually connect to the server in order to edit the Enterprise Mangler connection properties.

    Just as an FYI, setting the connection properties in Enterprise Mangler only affects its connection. Those settings mean nothing to Query Analyzer, ODBC, etc.

    Just curious, but how the heck did you get a copy of Enterprise Mangler with MSDE?


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    The problem disappeared right after system restart.

    I have installed MSDE and then I needed only client tools from the MS SQL Server instalation cd. So that's why I have this configuration.


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