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    Unanswered: ODBC Driver for sybase sqlanywhere 5.0


    I am totally new to sybase. We have a sybase sqlanywhere database and I have to export it to mssqlserver/access97.

    the sql server is on a diff machine.

    I am looking to install the ODBC driver for sybase on the sql server machine and then thru tools in sql server, import the sybase database to sql server.

    But I couldnt' get a resource for odbc driver to install. MyQ: Where can I find a odbc driver for sybase sqlanywhere 5.0 (for free)

    Can anyone please help?

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    i would start by doing a search of Sybase's website -- they might have more information there in their downloads section.

    there is a free version of Sql Anywhere 9 here
    you might get what you need that way.

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    you can find some product from data- direct

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