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    Unanswered: adding data to tables / DMP File

    i can't seem to put data on the tables that i have created.... i'm importing it using a DMP file but i can't seem to import the data....

    i created a .bat that i would just execute on my command prompt...

    here is the content of my .bat ....

    rem # Oracleの systemユーザのパスワード
    set Password=queen
    rem # インポートファイルのパス名
    set ImportPath=D:\VSSproject\oracleinstall\SetupScript
    rem # MOTORO_MASTERインポート
    IMP system/%Password%@MOTORODB FILE=%ImportPath%\newport.dmp LOG=%ImportPath%\Newport.LOG FROMUSER=NEWPORT TOUSER=NEWPORT

    the location of my Newport.dmp is D:\VSSproject\oracleinstall\SetupScript
    MOTORODB is the database name
    NEWPORT is the user....
    when i execute the .bat,
    NewPort.Log is created and it says errors like

    "The following sentence failed because the object had already existed. "

    can you guys help me if i'm doing anything wrong...
    thanks in advance....

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    If you want to import into an existing table, user the option of imp : IGNORE=y

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    tanks for the help, it worked.

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