The problem i will describe is a little bit curious, never happened to me until a few days ago.

I have a form that contains 2 sbforms. The main form is unbound with any query or table, the subform_1 is bound with a query and subform_2 also. The main form has only one control, to input the n. of order, wich makes the subform_2 requery and list only the data related to that n..

The propouse of this, is for: When i pick or select an item of subform_2, the subform_1 requery, allow additions, allow delections depending wich situation is happening. If the order existes, and the item of subform is selected then a comparation of the amount of data is made from 2 distinct tables, if the amount matches then a msgbox appears telling the user that there is nothing to do with that record, all that has to be done in subform_1 is done, but if the user wants to delete any record it is permited. If the amount doesn't match, it is inferior in the table 1, but superior than 0, a msgbox appears telling that the record is not complete, in this situation it is allowed to add records in subform_1. If the amount of data is equal to 0 in table 1, then that means that there is no records and the subform_1 or table 1 is ready to receive new data.

The problem occurred when i was testing the code, i selected diferent situations, and when i have delected a record in subform_1 this subform lost the connection to the query that is bounded, all controls have shown "#NAME". Following this in this form nothing else worked, excluding the other forms. I compacted and repaired the database and until now is working.

NOTE: Before i test the code i compiled it.

This database was made in Access 2000 and in that moment i was working with Access 2003, but the version of databases is set to 2000. Is it possible that Access went nuts?