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    Unanswered: Temporary table Overhead

    Hope somebody can give me some advice .

    We are having some issues with temporary tables (with # prefixes) within Stored Procedures.

    When running a profile trace on them, the stored proc quite happily creates the temp # table (in fact several of them) but whenever it hits the first statement inserting data into one of them (and it doesn't matter which one), there is a 5-6 second delay.

    By commenting out one and moving to the next piece of code, the same thing happens.

    Following which, the rest of the Stored Prco runs fine and subsequent inserts into the # temp tables also run efficiently.

    Is the stored proc getting recompiled perhaps ?

    Any advice woul;d be appreciated.

    we are running SQL Server 7.0, dont know whether that helps ?

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    Most of the time temp tables are uneccessary and are a sign of remedial SQL writing. Some of the guys on this sight love to rewrite code. Why don't you post the sp in question.
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