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    Unanswered: Save crystal report as image

    Hello everybody,

    I need to save my crystal report as an image without viewing it to the user. I am unable to find export as image option in crystal report export. Is this possible in some way ??


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    You could add a 'virtual' printer that creates a bitmap or jpeg, and print to that. E.g. SnagIt ( has a Printer Capture option.

    There are probably many other similar applications, maybe some freeware, to do the same thing.

    I don't know how to do it directly from Crystal.

    Good luck!!

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    A trick I have used in crystasl 8.5 before is to exprot the reports as HTML3.0.

    What crystal then does is it exports the HTML and converts the report to an image file and references this jpg in the html.

    When I have done it I automatically created a file name for each report that was distinct , exported to a html and read back the image file.

    NB : The image file it creates was padded with 6 0's. So if your reportfilename is Myreport.rpt and you export to HTML. The html file will be created in the export directory as a jpg file with the following name Myreport000000.jpg.

    If you need to do this programatically it is quite easy , if you are doing it as a once off in the crystal development environemnt just run the report as export to html and navigate to the export directory stipulated and you will see your file.

    Oh by the way these reports where charts , I do not know if it will work with plain details !


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