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    Question Unanswered: 'Undefined function 'BuildCustomerName' in expression

    Hello first time poster

    My boss recently moved a DB from one server location to another and now it is no longer working properly. Please bare with me, I am not very knowledgable of Access and am primarily an oopl coder. I am using Access 97 in an XP.

    The database is comprised of 6 files: Service_Request.mde/mdb, Common_Code.mda/mdb/mde, and default.mde. Service_Request.mde/mdb both reference Common_Code.mde and default.mde.

    Service_Request has a login screen when you first start it up caused (I assume) by a macro that makes the call: login("frm_requestlist"). A prompt appears where i can enter a user name and login but when I click ok it crashes about 1 minute later with the 'Undefined function 'BuildCustomerName' in expression' error. I can bypass the login with the Shift+F11 shortcut but all of the forms crash when I double click them.

    The function 'BuildCustomerName' is located in Common_Code in the module 'Library'. However, I looked through the code in Service_Request and Common_Code and except for its definition, I cannot find a call to it anywhere. Service_Request does make calls to a few other functions in Common_Code, but I am unable to tell if they are working or not.

    I have checked the references for Service_Request with a reference wizard and as far as I can tell they seem correct. It references both Common_Code and default in their current locations on the server. However, even if they were incorrect I cant figure out how to change them with my current resources.

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated as would tips on how to step code cause I havent been able to figure that out either.

    Thank you

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    when the databases were moved did you check that any linked tables were refreshed with the new location?

    If any of the MDE's refer to linked tables they you will almost certainly need to build a new MDE from the MDB.

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    Yes I have refreshed the linked tables. I didnt build a new MDE but did change the linked tables in the existing mde and the mdb. Neither work.

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