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    Unanswered: password protect a menu?

    What's the best way to password protect an individual menu on a custom menu bar?


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    What about for the form's OnLoad, you use an input box to ask for a password? If a person doesn't type it in, then use Me.Close to close the form. If they type in the right password, then let it open.

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    The best solution I've seen for this problem is rather devious, but it works nicely.

    1) In a completly separate dialog box, such as the about dialog, make a few graphic objects that respond to clicks

    2) After some sequence of clicks in the correct order, pop up a dialog box to ask for a string, but don't explain in any great detail what that string does. Store the string in a global variable.

    3) In the menu's getfocus event, check the global string. If it has an acceptable value (you may have more than one password), make the menu or menuitem visible, if not then make the menu or menuitem invisible.

    A bit of work to code, but it is simple to use and highly resistant to brute force attack because most users will try to attack the wrong form looking for how to enter the password!


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