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    Unanswered: Hercules for db2

    Recently my work is only on UDB on Unix, but I really missing my DB2 on
    MF.I installed Hercules main frame emulator and MVS 38j on my linux box.
    The ultimate goal that I am looking is to run DB2 on my tiny tiny Linux box.
    Anybody has that experience.
    I can get MF DB2.



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    The only DB2 for MVS' that would run under MVS 3.8 were the early releases of DB2 V1. Even then they were licensed.

    IBM has not been prepared to sell a license for a system that will run DB2 for MVS/OS390/zOS for a price that any individual could reasonably pay - apart from one user who got a license to run the ADCD set on a Hercules system before IBM realised what was going on.

    James Campbell

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