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    Unanswered: Trouble with installing access 97, 2000 with 2000 Developer's edition


    At work we are having trouble installing Access 97 and 2000 on the same machine (solved that by installing them into different directories) but when we tried installing access 2000 developer's edition (the tool that allows you to ccreate executables in access) the dlls got messed up; some of them overwrote previous ones or the reverse, I don't know. Help???



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    Been down this route. Although the registry entries are discrete (8 for Office '97, 9 - 2000 and 10- 2002 etc) you've already found that .dll's get confused. The only safe solution is to have each version on a discrete machine or have caddies with the OS + the Office version. Also the level of facility within the OS should compare with the Office version - 95 with Office '97, Me/2000 with Office 2000 and Xp with 2002. This allows testing on relevant Access Runtime etc. If that's what you're into.

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    By the way, the Developer's Edition does NOT allow you to "create executables". It enables you to distribute a run-time version of Access with your database, which is the basic JET engine files Access needs to run the database.
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