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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Email data directly to Access?

    I have a website with an RFQ form... Like most forms, it sends the results by email to a specified distribution list.

    We are losing track of requests (so busy!) and I think it would be ideal if I could get Access to receive a copy of the form generated email and append the results to an RFQ table.

    Is this possible? Are there any 3rd party applications that would make this easy?

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    Just an idea

    I'm not sure if this will help, but you should be able to put some button on your form that could trigger an ASP page to write the form data directly into a database table.

    I spent about a week just trying to open access to a specific record via email and was never successful. I'm still certain it was just an html syntax thing, but you'd probably have a lot better luck with ASP.

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    My host doesn't support ASP... But I was thinking my form might be able to add an entry to a MySQL table. Then, if I could figure out how to get MS Access to connect to the MySQL db and pull the new entries then append them to my RFQ table - I'd be all set.

    The other possibility might be a delimited text file.

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