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    I'm using DB2 z/OS 7.1. Mainframe is z/OS 1.5.

    I have a table that is in each of 5 separate DB2 instances. There are TCP/IP connections between all the instances (that allow tasks like Cross-Loader to work, etc.). A user would like to see data from all 5 instances, per a SQL query with various predicates. Rather than running a daily batch job to load a new instance of the table with data from all 5 instances, I would rather be able to use SQL to accomplish the same purpose.

    It doesn't appear that I can run a query as a view to capture data from multiple instances, UNIONing the results together (I get an error saying that UNION is invalid for a remote instance).

    Is there a way that this can be done with DRDA, perhaps using declared temporary tables, or perhaps a Federated data base concept? I'm a little lost here , so all help gratefully accepted!

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    Don't confuse the DB2 mainframe architecture with DB2 for LUW. It is not the same. There are no instances on DB2 for z/OS, but there are multiple DB2 subsystems, which is I assume what you mean.

    I am not totally up to date with the different possibilities, but I think you should look at DDF (Distributed Data Facility). Check out the manuals on the IMB website and find out more info. You might try the Data Sharing Guide.
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