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    Question Unanswered: Question on running db2licd


    I am still new to DB2 and need to apply V8 FP6 on AIX platform.

    #1) In the readme, it indicated that prior to install, I have run the following commands for each instance:
    su -iname
    db2 force applications all
    db2 terminate
    db2licd -end # run at each physical node

    My DB2 server has 3 db2 instances. Do I need to run "db2licd -end" for each instance under the instance ID? I understand db2licd is a licensing daemon.
    Will only running once under any of the instance ID is sufficient?

    I am not sure what it means by run at each physical node.

    #2) also currently when I do "ps -ef |grep db2licd", I did not see any process running. Is this how it should be?

    #3) It also indicate to stop all instances using DB2 including the fault monitor. If I stop fault monitor with db2fm -d command, will the fault monitor start up again after I do db2start to start up the instance?

    Please help..Thanks.
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