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    Unanswered: Restore Strategy question - Redirected Restore

    Hi All,

    Off-late we have been performing a DB2 restore using "Redirected Restore" mechanism from our Full Online/offline backup images. We are currently changing the backup strategy to perform weekly Full offline backups and incremental Delta backups between backups. My question is
    1) Can I use the same "Redirected restore" mechanism which we adopted before for restoring the DB?
    2) If yes Are there any unforeseen problem by doing so?


    - Raj

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    I don't have a definitve answer ... But, I don't see a reason why you cannot ...

    To my understanding, the restore works on the tablespace id and once you define your containers using the SET TABLESPACE CONTAINERS command, then your incremental images should also be able to restore ...

    Not sure how it will work if you add or extend a container during that 'incremental' period ..


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