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    Unanswered: High CPU Utilisation - Oracle on Windows 2003

    There are two instances running the same oracle server and one instance had materialized views which get fast refreshed with data from other instance at 5 second interval and there are 9 materialized views.


    While materialized views are getting refreshed with 5 seconds refresh interval, the CPU utilization is almost reaching 80% and once the refresh is done the CPU utilization is back to normal less than (20%)

    Appreciate pointers at the earliest,

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    Depending of the complexity of the queries defining the materialized views as well as the volume of data, these refresh may be quite CPU-intensive, so maybe it's simply normal.

    BTW, some people would argue that you should always be near 100% CPU-utilization, because otherwise you're losing money by under-using your hardware config (or you've over-estimated it). Asktom has nice discussions on that. 95-100% all the time might point to problems that should be solved, and may require further investigation, but 95-100% in peek-time may simply be normal, and it may even be a good thing.



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    1) Do you need them to be refreshed every 5 seconds can you reduce the refresh rate.
    2) Run statspack to help identify what is causing the high CPU usage.


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