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    Question Unanswered: There isn't enough disk space or memory to undo the data


    I'm trying to append a table (about a 2,00,000 records) to the
    main table (about 10,00,000 records) .
    After running an append query in Access the machine is
    blocked for a few minutes, then I receive a following
    "There isn't enough disk space or memory to undo the data
    changes this action query is about to make."

    I click ok, then the query has continued.

    I've got plenty of disk space and 256mb of RAM!

    Any ideas, I don't want to get that warning . How could i do it ?


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    I don't know what exactly is causing the message, but there are a few things I'd try first.

    Increase the size of your swap file.
    Defrag the hard drive.
    Compact and repair the database.
    Make sure I'm using at least AccessXP for that size of database, and use the MSDE backend for the tables....

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