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    Unanswered: oracle 10g cloning


    Can someone please let me know how i can make sure the database was actually cloned and some other technique was not used to make the databases identical..Can i get this information from any of the system tables?Also can we clone a database using dbca?Also can the oracle 10g enterprise manager cbe used to clone databases on different servers.I could use em to clone the database but on the same server.


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    Oracle's cloning mechanish requires RMAN. (Yes, you can invoke from OEM but OEM passes the entire job to RMAN under the covers.) Therefore, a cloned database is one that is registered in the RMAN repository as a completed cloning operation. Look at the RMAN documenation for instructions on how to query the repository for completed operations.

    Also, Oracle has to do recovery operations. You might want to check the alert.log for signs of cloning recovery operations.
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