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    Unanswered: VB lookup

    Hi guys,

    IS there anyway you can help me with looking up values in a specific row in VB.

    i have two fields on a form. Val_Feed and Val_Qual and a button Cmd_Select

    What I would like to do is on Cmd_Select_Click() I want VB to search for the value in Val_Feed and a value in Val_Qual and see if a row exists that matches this data. From what I can tell it looks similar to checking a password against a username.

    The table with the data is called Tbl_Info and the fields are FEED and QUAL

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    Is an "AND" or an "OR" operation????

    SELECT * FROM Tbl_Info WHERE ((FEED='" & Val_Feed.value & "') AND (QUAL=" & Val_Qual.value & "));

    This is in general but you do need to specify what types these columns are for the query to work properly ... (i.e. Don't ask why the query doesn't work. Just match your data types properly...)
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