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    Question Unanswered: Parameter fields display


    I have a question. I create 2 parameter fields called fromdate and todate where the users want to see the results within this range of date. Then on the crystal report I would display the from date and today and if no records found, i would want to display "no records were found" instead of nothing. How could i do it? Thanks for your help.


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    try this. add a formula field. say if 'anyfield' is null then "no records found" else "". this is just a guess, but it may work.

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    put your "No Data for period @Startdate to @Findate" in a report header / page header and suppress the section. On the supress option support it with the following formulae . IF {YourDataSOurce.ANumberDataField} = 0 THEN FALSE ELSE TRUE

    Alternatively Create text and put a formulae behind it that tests for one of the print dstate functions in crystal e.g. RecordNumber = 0, ISNULL(Field) etc.

    i.e. if ISNULL (YourField) then 'No data' else '';

    Sometimes if there are no records I test for ISNULL(Field) then show.

    Finally you can create a formule that puts a 1 in the details for each record. Put in a summary field that sums this value and test the summed value in a supress formulae. i.e. IF Sum (Your value) = 0 then true else false;

    Hope this helps.

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