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    Unanswered: Dynamic alteration of chart data labels

    Hi all

    Please help.

    I am producing a crystal report in delphi and am trying to access the data labels for the chart to modify the plotted values.

    i.e. It is a line chart which plots a particular percentage. I need to modify the label to display something else than the plotted value.
    e.g. plot 69 % on the graph, then access the label and change the text to so that it displays the data label as "Good" if data value >80. "Average" if data value is 60 - 80 etc...

    Any ideas would really be appreciated as I cannot seem to get to the properties presented in the TCRPE documentation.

    If anyone knows how to do this in the Crystal Dev Environment either that would be great. The values requried are base don another seperate data set though above is just an example.

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