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    Unanswered: Cannot view charts

    Hi guys

    I am having a problem with deploying crystal reports to a client machine. Most of the reports work perfectly but the ones with charts do not. The report loads up fine but the chart is simply not displayed.

    I must be missing a dll or something, I really aint sure tho.

    I am using crystal reports 8.5.


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    you need to find this program rptchk32.exe. I think it can be downloaded from ALternatively do a search on the web. Run this program pointing to your report on the functioning machine. This builds a list of dll ... etc that are required to run the report. Next run the appllication in deploy mode on the host machine and it will tell you which dll's the client machine does not have.

    If it is a dll issue this app will identify the dll for you.

    Hope this helps.


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    Yay i got the charts working!

    Hi Roger

    Thanks for your help!

    My problem was indeed a couple of missing dll’s. Tbh it wasn’t the rptchk32.exe program that helped me. I googled rptchk32.exe and found this link:

    The guy who posted this on experts exchange had the same problem as me. If you read on the two missing dll’s were pg32conv.dll and sscsdk80.dll.


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