Hi all,

I executed sp_spaceused against my test database to get the following -

database_name database_size unallocated space
--------------- ------------------ ------------------
TestDatabase 12675.00 MB 2541.64 MB

reserved data index_size unused
------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
5734000 KB 2862056 KB 5288 KB 2866656 KB

Question -

1. If I backup this database, the size of the backup file would be size in the data column (2862056 KB). Am I correct?

2. If I restore the database from this backup, the restore will contain the same size values as indicated in the outpout of sp_spaceused above. Example - database_size (of restored database) = 12675.00 MB. Am I correct?

Let me know if I understand the concept correctly.

Thanks for your help.

- Vivek