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    Unanswered: Remove toolbar

    I'm trying to make my Access GUI look more like a stand alone application than aform running in Access. I want to know how (if possible) to get rid of the Access toolbar. I have deseleted all items in the startup window and all item in the >tools>options window but I still get the main Access toolbar including them min/max/close buttons. Is there a way to have the GUI appear with out the Access stuff in the background?

    I tried to convert to an MDE but for some reason I get a message "Microsoft Access was unable to create an MDE database". I assume this may have something to do with the VBA that I have written.

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    if you are talking about the main menu bar (aka file, edit, etc) then all you have to do is make a new menu bar, and save it as a menu bar rather than a tool bar. as far as the access name on the top i don't think you can get rid of it.

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    You can Hide / Unhide custom MenuBar. first add it in the design view of the form then use the code below on the open event of the form.

    ' To hide
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "YourMenuBarName", acToolbarNo

    'To Show
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "YourMenuBarName", acToolbarYes

    and please check in the other forum where I participate to see how you can hide the entire access window except the form you use.

    To convert and mdb to mde first of all you have to compile your code in the VBE window
    Debug > Compile dbName
    hope this helps

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