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    Unhappy Unanswered: help with adodc-sql


    i need to update my database (ms access) here are the codes that i used:

    (on form load)
    upd = "update translip set tsno = ' ' where code = 'K'"

    (on a command button)
    adotrans.recordsource = upd

    a dialog box shows up which says: "operation is not allowed when object is closed." the update statement works fine because i placed a "on error resume next statement" , i just keep getting the dialog box.

    i really need all the help i can get.


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    Remove your "on error" statement and when the program encounters the error it will halt and point to the line with the error. The OBJECT that has a method or property reference is set to null at this point. Quite likely because you opened it in a different procedure and the SCOPE of the object is not valid within this procedure.

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