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    Question Unanswered: SQL parcing

    Tell me please what components or libraries exist to parce an SQL query so that can be found does it updates, inserts or deletes, what table and what fields with what values. So that the results can be stored into a data warehouse. Better if a component has a Delphi version.

    By the way I have one more question to create a warehouse of a database modifications, may be it can be answered at the same thread: is it possible to get in COM object varibles of an environment where it's called from or they can be send only by objects properties, or may be there are another way to get in a internal DLL using COM object a varible from calling environment.

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    I'm confused by both of your questions, but they do interest me.

    Do you use the term data warehouse in the conventional sense, meaning an OLAP data source? If so, I can't see any reason for storing SQL there. What purpose would that serve?

    COM objects exist at a binary level. At that point, they no longer have variables, only storage. Things like names and datatypes mean nothing at the COM level, addresses (and sometimes sizes) are all that matters. From a COM object's perspective, VB, Delphi, VC, and assembler are all equivalent to it.

    Please post more, I find the topics interesting.


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    Yes, a datawarehouse to analyse using Analysis Tools then who, where and how has edited the database. Certanly SQL by itself has no sense but I need it in parced form where will be modifications information.

    About the sceond question I've thought about another solution, I use PHP interface, so can be parced session varibles. But it's not a complete solution to understand what user made modifications of ones using the system simultaneously.

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