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    Unanswered: db2 isolation level

    Hi all,

    this is for udb ver 8.1 on aix

    I have been reading some db2 documentation and its confusing on default isolation level. some documents say its CS and some says RR.
    If i do explains on some sipmple select I see it shows CS as isolation level.

    In our installation we are using ver 8.1 without changing isolation level anywhere. So i suppose its CS as per db2explain output.

    Client application is connecting this db2 server using websphere/JDBC without changing any isolation related parameters. I am not sure whats the default isolation level for websphere/JDBC installtions. Application is also not changing isolation level in any java codes.

    Does that mean we are using default isolation level of database.

    Can someone confirm whats the default isolation level for udb ver 8.1 and what isolation level are we using in out set up?

    Why is db2 documentation so confusing?


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    Please, correct me if Im wrong.

    But from everything Ive read and saw the default Isolation Level for DB2 is CS.

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    hi fohana,

    thanks for the quick reply. I also think default is CS. but i am confused with some of db2 documentation. for example :

    Also see my today's other thread where Sathya and Marcus specified conflicting default isolation levels. Both are highly respected members on this forum.


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    I was probably incorrect when I said awhile back that the default is RR. I believe that at one time it was the default (I have been using DB2 LUW since 1989 when it was called OS/2 Database Manager). But I think that CS is the default now. But it is confusing, espcially with the link you provided regarding the default = RR for AUTOCONFIGURE.
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