I have a MS Access ADP project where I would like to do the following:

A Main Form (ItemsReceived) is displayed that contains an order number. Let's say Order Number 10
In another table are let's say 12 items related to that order - the linking field is Order ID, which is 10

On the Main Form (ItemsReceived), there is a subform in datasheet view to record delivery of the ordered items, so on the main form, the user selects an order - number 10, then adds the qty of items received for that order in the datasheet.

I want the combo box on the datasheet to only show items related to order 10

for example if we ordered 100 of stock number 1234 and received 50 of them, we would add the stock number, and a qty of 50 to the datasheet...

When the user clicks a dropdown in the datasheet, they are looking up items in a attable (ItemsOrdered) - I want only the items ordered in order number 10 (in this case) to appear in the dropdown.

in Access, you would use a criteria of =Forms![ItemsReceived].[txtID], where txtID is a textbox on the main form

How do you do this in an ADP?

Thanks - AB