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    Unanswered: No suitable driver

    Hi all,

    Well it seems i 'm diving into a problem many other had before me...but I just can't find the answer on the forums.
    So I'm using Java to connect to an oracle, I'm using an oracle driver (classes12.jar, it's in my classpath, etc.). It's just usual stuff : classForName and getConnection.
    The classForName is fine, I don't have any exception so I know the driver class is found.
    But during the getConnection() I get the "No suitable driver" error.

    What the hell? Do I need to install something more to make it work?
    Does anybody know where this error comes from??
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Most likely your JDBC URL is incorrect.

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    That's it for sure.
    Keith Brownlow
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