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    Question Unanswered: SS 2000 Transaction Log

    Hi all,

    I'm having an issue shrinking a transaction log, and am hoping that one of you guys could give me some advice....

    Currently, this database (DB1) has approximately 20GB of data, and my transaction log has grown to 22GB.

    The database is in Simple Mode (although may have been created as Full, then changed)

    I have a Maint. Plan backing up the DB daily, but noticed today that this has not been working for the last week :'(

    There are 3 other databases on this same server, which are similar sizs in GB, but have tiny Trans Logs - their backups have of course been working fine.

    I've backed up DB1 this morning - a whopping 42GB file - then issued a "dbcc shrinkfile", followed by a "backup log ... truncate_only", followed by another "shrinkfile", but the log is still 22GB

    Any suggestions??? Please....

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    Panic over.....

    FYI - It transpires that there was a lock on a table as part of the application's overnight process, and that lock was preventing the T Log from being truncated.

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