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    Thumbs up Unanswered: SQL30081N Protocol specific error code(s): "148", "*", "*".


    I am getting the error SQL30081N Protocol specific error code(s): "148", "*", "*". when trying to connect from DB2 V8.2 ESE on a solaris 8 server through to DB2 on Z/OS.

    I can connect fine from a Windows ESE client to the same IP and PORT.

    I can find all sorts of protocol reason codes on the IBM Site, except for 148.

    Has anyone come across this before or any ideas
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    Hi anyone who reads this.

    I've managed to sort out what the error means - It's is a routing failure problem which appears to be caused by a firewall block.



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    My environment is same as yours db2 client ===> Db2 gateway ====>
    DB2 MF.

    All are solaris.I have seen this sort of error all the time, because of firewall /MF not listening.

    The steps that I generally take are.

    1. Ask the person that the MF is up, especially the DDF.
    2. Try to connect from the gateway first, if it is succeed , then OK otherwise I will check whether any buffer has been communicated.
    using db2dart.
    3. If gateway able to connect then check the DB2COMM registry variable to set up the commmunication manager and start it and the services file.

    4. At the the db2 client use

    telnet <hostname>/<IP_address> <port_no_at_gateway>



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