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    Exclamation Unanswered: Analyzing db Growth per day

    Well my question is how do i analyze db growth per day. is there a tool i can use or a method. I mean i do take a look at the task view and the files but per day it doesnt move in MB wich is weird since this is a warehouse and their are nightly loads to it inserting maybe 30000 record a night on avg.

    Any help would be grately aprreciated.

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    sp_helpdb 'MyDatabaseName'
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    The easiest way to do it is to check in Enterprise manager daily to see what the current size is, then keep the daily records in a spreadsheet, or database. If you are looking for a pre-packaged too, I think Quest Software has something for that. I think Microsoft is also getting into the game, as well, with a product I can not remember the name of. Some SQL Server add on.

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    Or you could write a job that copies sysobjects and sysindexes into a table that you aggregate on a regualr basis. Swipe code from sp_spaceused to understand how to use that information.
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