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    Unanswered: Distributed query...

    Ok, i have two DB server, i connect from each one to the other using the hostname@dbservername:table syntax.
    When i open a transaction in server1 and connect to server2, and start to make insertions and updates from server1 to server2, and suddenly network connection breaks down, and in server1 commit transaction, server2 remains with locks?...... if so, although i rollback transaction, server2 will remains with locks too, right? (since there is no network comunication)....what should i do to avoid locks like this to happend?

    Sorry my bad English...

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    If both servers are Informix, then IDS will always use two pahase commit protocol. If one of the servers fails (or the connection drops) both instances will do a rollback. The time that the transaction will be open will depend on the transaction timeout you can set on the instance level (onconfig).

    For more info you can read the admin huide and look for two pahse commit protocol.

    Hope this helps,


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