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    Unanswered: DB2 reorg

    I am using db2 7.2 on AIX,
    I ran reorgchk, in the output for a particular table all index key it showed '*' , I did reorg by using primary key index but still remaining keys are showing '*' if i do reorg by using one index key remaining keys are still in '*', how I can resolve this?.

    And why sysibm.sysprocedure's index is also in '*', how to resolve this also?


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    Reorg-ing table by one index (e.g. primary key index) will sort table according to this index. Because table can be ordered by only one index all other indexes will be market as "*". You don't need to worry about "*" at other indexes, this is normal!

    If you would like to have table ordered by particular index (and using DB2 for Linux/Unix/Windows just like you) you need to specify word "CLUSTER" at index creation.

    CREATE INDEX db2admin.index_name ON db2admin.table_name (COL1, COL2) CLUSTER
    Hope this helps,
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