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    Unanswered: find out identity,primary key etc.

    Is there any quickest way or command to find out

    1.Identity column in a table

    2.Primary key column and keys

    3.Ref. Integrity/foreign Key


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    Run the db2look against the table and it will give you everything you need, look at the options to get what you need in the output
    David Quigley

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    Another option

    Instead of running the DB2LOOK utility you can just run queries against the catalog views to gather the information you want.

    Id suggest you pay a visit to the SQL References to for a description about those views (SYSCAT schema).

    For a start, according to the information you requested, take a look at the: SYSCAT.TABLES, SYSCAT.COLUMNS, SYSCAT.INDEXES, SYSCAT.REFERENCES, SYSCAT.TABCONST.

    Depending on what youre trying to do, itll have a better result than the DB2LOOK utility.

    Now, if you just want to get the DDL statements to backup the structure, or copy it to another location, I strongly recommend using the DB2LOOK.

    Hope it helps.

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