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    Unanswered: mysql + primary key + odbc issue

    Ive got two tables on a mysql db which has a link between the reference field on both tables, but is only a primary key on the first table, as i need multiple instances of it in the second table.
    As a result The second table has no primary key as the remaing two fields in this table also have the ability to be duplicated.

    The mysql side works fine.

    The problem comes when i try to create an odbc connection to Access.
    ODBC is working fine and i can browse both tables.
    But Access prompts for a unique identidying field on the second table.
    If i say 'no' to have none i am unable to edit or add new records into the second table.
    If i try choosing all three fields from the second table (reference, start and end date which are the only unique possibilities) i get an odbc-call failed message.

    I am guessing here that i may need some sort of auto increment field in the second table so that access can use this as a unique reference?

    But as im no expert in these things i thought i would ask

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    anyone? help? please?

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