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    Exclamation Unanswered: database tables and relationships


    I need help to design a database to store all the info about a drag racing event including;

    • event info (Event name, track name, event date)
    • car info (Car name, gearbox type, diff ratio, engine name,)
    • driver info (driver firstname, driver lastname)
    • Engine info (make, model, engine compression, carburetor, front carburetor jets, rear carburetor jets, fuel pressure, engine timing at idle, total engine timing)
    • Race info (track temperature, relative altitude, milibars, humidity, air temperature, tyre type, tyre size, tyre pressure hot, tyre pressure cold, stage RPM, shift RPM, reaction, 60foot time, 330foot time, 660foot time, 660foot MPH, 1000foot time, elapsed time, elapsed MPH, comments.)

    My issue is design of tables and relationships. as you can probably see, obviously cars will do many runs at each event, and there engine setups and car setups(diff ratio) can differ each run. there might also be different drivers for the same car. weather info like track temp etc also change from race to race so I think it is possible I might need some sort of race time as-well. My main reason for the database, apart from organizing all my results would be so that I could do a run at an event and search previous races by the current runs weather info (relative altitude, milibars, humidity, etc) as to set the car up similar to keep it’s elapsed times consistent. Please, please, please help as I am at a total loss.

    (Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated)

    Thanks in advance!!
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