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    Unanswered: SQL Server Export

    Is it possible to Automate Data Export of a table with Dynamic columns / Structure to MS access from SQL Server. I tried this with DTS , but it did not work.
    Rohit Chitre

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    what do you mean by dynamic columns?

    You could do something like This

    But it only gets the data out

    What method does DTS use to get the data in to Access I wonder.

    COM Objects?

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    SQL Export

    Thanx for ur reply.
    Actually, end users are using a Query tool.Through this tool they can extract any No. of columns. After extracting this data they need this data to be exported to MS - Access so that they can Quality Check it and send it to the client.

    The columns that users will extract are always varying.They are querying on
    SQL 2000 database. and output is shown in a grid. Currently data is being exporeted to Excel file using Grid's default properties. But if data exceeds 15000 mark this defualt method takes chunk of time which is not affordable.

    The requirement for this tool is , after creating the table in SQL Server it should be exported to MS - Access.

    The BCP command gives some problems with SQL Server 2000 i.e. few rows may not get exported to the text / data file.
    Rohit Chitre

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