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    Unanswered: Import EBCDIC on DB2 Windows

    Hi All,

    For a migration project.

    We created an ascii flat file then we convert it to EBCDIC. Before sending it to our customer, we wanted to load it in a database to check if the converted data are correct.

    We have a db2-windows database but we are not able to load an EBCDIC flat file as on a mainframe.

    A help will really be usefull

    Kind regards

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    Re: EBCDIC on Windows

    Inspecting an EBCDIC file on Windows (or UNIX) would imply converting it back to ASCII. There exist free tools to do both ways of the conversion EBCDIC <--> ASCII. (Try e.g. GOOGLE with search string "EBCDIC ASCII convert")

    -- Peter Vanroose.

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