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    Unanswered: Printer code

    Please excuse me if I chose wrong forum.

    Our Oracle application set to printer followed code:
    esc [3 S
    esc [0 S

    Is Anybody able to explain me what does it means?

    Aliast technologies A5180 1800LPM

    I has been looking for any documentation but ineffective.
    I will be gratefull if you point to me any.

    Best regards

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    You're using this A5180 line printer; when you bought it, didn't you get documentation as well? If you can't find it, does anyone in your company knows where it is? Can you contact the seller / manufacturer company?
    It isn't easy to figure out what those sequences mean, as they could mean anything, from "double size" to "reset all". Do you know what printer does your printer emulate? Some IBM, Epson, ...? Perhaps this could help identifying the sequences.

    Google (for "Aliast") returns some hungarian sites; I know a few hungarian words, but those are far from enough to even guess what it is.

    What happens if you remove the sequences? Did you try it? What difference can you notice when comparing two printouts?

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    Alis Technologies is now Globalis

    Their PDF for the 5180 lists X3.64 as supported emulation.

    Are the codes ANSI X3.64?
    ESC [ <n> S = Scroll up (reverse line feed on a printer?)

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