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    Unanswered: Turning triggers on and off.

    Hi is it possible to run a certain SQL statement agaisnt SQL Server and ask it not to fire any triggers? Or is would it be better to disable the trigger and then reable it after ward? If so how? Thanks Ed

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    For support purposes, we created a SQLServer user named NoTriggerUser, and added code to the triggers to check the CURRENT_USER for that userid, and bypass the code if true.

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    We have another way of going around this ...

    In the business system I'm using we have a field called NoTriggerExec. There's a

    if Update(NoTriggerExec) return

    statement in the beginning of all update triggers in that business system. That way we can choose in our update's if we want the trigger to fire or not, regardless of who is doing the update in question. This is particularily useful when you need to update the row being updated, and not make the trigger go into the infamous @@Nestlevel 32 ...

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