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    Post Unanswered: dealing with double records

    I have a table on which I forgot to put an index key combination.
    This is a relation table like that:
    relation_id | user_id | product_id
    I'd like to remove doubloons between user_id and product_id.
    A user can't be associated multiple times with the same product.

    Is it possible to remove them with a query ?

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    longterm, your strategy should be to remove relation_id and make the other two a composite primary key

    for now, you will want to run this --
    create table keepers
    select min(relation_id) as min_rel
         , user_id 
         , product_id
      from yourtable
        by user_id 
         , product_id
    having count(*) > 1     
    delete yourtable
      from yourtable
         , keepers
     where yourtable.user_id = keepers.user_id
       and yourtable.product_id = keepers.product_id
       and yourtable.relation_id > keepers.min_rel
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    If u create temporary tables to remove doubloons, then the issue of transaction & synchronization check comes in that leads to a better level of difficulty. A single line dynamic SQL should be the best choice that bypasses risks & does exactly what we need like bullet. Again, a single line SQL should be a better choice for cross database compatibility.
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