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    Okay, so I'm sending out another message in addition to one I snet earlier sue to another problem I just realized..

    I have a form (frm_main) with a subform (sub_employers). Making a selection from a combo box (Empl ID from tbl_main) on frm_main pulls up all of the accompanying information for that record from tbl_employers. This was working fine until I was told that the sub form needs to be able to capture data as well as display the results fom the combo box. So I now have two questions:

    1) I keep getting an error message when I try to enter data into the subform sayign that I can't assign a value to this object. The first field (Empl ID) is an AutoNumber which has been disabled. The information is going from the subform (sub_employers) to the table (tbl_employers) just fine once I click OK on the error message box.

    2) How do I get the combo box to update when new information is added to the subform? I have to leave the form altogther right now to get it to update the combo box.

    Thanks (again!)

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    Fro #2 someone else just asked that . Make sure that you are requering the form.

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    Not sure how to do that exactly...And what form to do it to..The main form or the subform...

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