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    Arrow Unanswered: MAINFRAME to DB2 UDB


    Here is the scoop:

    Would like to extract/sync data from Mainframe DB to DB2 UDB V8.1(fp5) AIX.
    Mainframe data are updated daily.
    UDB Database has to catch-up/sync with the mainframe updation daily.
    What is the way? How to do it?

    Is the Mainframe DB logs are compatible with DB2 UDB??
    Is the Mainframe DB incremental backup's are compatible with DB2 UDB??

    Please help!


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    Logs and Image copies are not compatable. If you have the correct version, you could extract data from the backups.

    If you have DB2 for z/OS or 390 version 7 and above you can use the unload utility to extract the data in external format and download it to the DB2 for LUW server for IMPORT. However, you will still have to map the data file for importing into DB2 for LUW, and things like "nulls" can sometimes be tricky.

    "If the specified image copy data set is a full image copy, either compressed or uncompressed records can be unloaded. If the specified image copy data set is an incremental image copy or a copy of a partition or partitions, you can unload compressed records only when the same data set contains the dictionary pages for decompression."

    Another option is DB2 Replication between DB2 mainframe and DB2 for LUW. If you try this, I would recommend that you upgrade to fixpak 6b if possible. I don't know of any specific problems with fixpak 5 with regard to mainframe replication, but there are always lots of replication APARS fixed in each of the fixpaks.
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    Thanks Marc,

    If we use Replication means - I think it will be more expensive in regards of resources. For example there is 850 production tables with 10million rows each table gets updated daily means, Using replication -> control tables <- and CCD tables, these has to record the change for each and every table.
    Basically, capture program in Mainframe and Apply program in DB2 UDB.
    I think capure program is very expensive.
    Does the above setup will be effective, if I use Replication/Data propagator?
    What do you think team?


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    I guess using datapropogator will be a maintanece nightmare ..

    Do you mean to say, 10 million rows change in your db each day ????

    Do your tables on the mainframe, by any chance, have last updated (and if yes, are they reliable to use them) timestamp on the rows ??? In which case, you may try unloading changed records and loading them into db2 luw ...

    You may also have a look at Q Replication .... Though this technique does not rely on CD Tables, this is yet again transaction log based ...

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    There are a number of products that read the DB2 for zOS transaction log and generate SQL statements to mimic the inserts, deletes and updates. These can the be FTPed to where-ever an applied there. More expensive to process, but less overheads, than replication. Quite suitable for a once a day sync. They all require DATA CAPTURE CHANGES which can mean a significant incease in log volume for updates.

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