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    Unanswered: database replication

    I have one database(database1) in houston and the other database(database2) at Newjersy. SO if i wanted to replicate the data from the database1 to database2 how can I do that. I wanted to setup the replication to get the data into only one table. Infact both the tables are not identical in structure.


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    There are several flavors of replication. Snapshot being the simplest, and which may work for you if the NJ data is read only. Snapshot rep is used mainly for bulk data movement, once a day, once a week type stuff. It is also used as a first step for the other rep types; transactional and merge replication.

    Transaction rep, as it's name suggests, transfers data much more often. I don't think it's upon every db transaction but it's sure close to it.

    Merge replication is when the folks in NJ need to update the data. This can get dicey.

    BOL has very good info on replication.

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