I was dumb. I have been working on a database on my company's server, and then I ran the "security wizard." Unfortunately, it does not let me have exclusive access to my source file now.

I set myself up as an administrator, and from a shortcut it generated on my desktop, I can log in and still access my tables and other design stuff. However, when I go to the filepath where the database lives, it just kind of laughs at me and won't let me have exclusive use. It doesn't even let me log in.

Now if I was the only one using it, it wouldn't be a problem, but I need to install this lil guy on everyone's laptops, and they're going to need something more than read-only access.

Can anyone tell me what stupid thing I might have done, and perhaps how to reverse it?


I will now proceed to bang my head against the wall. Stupid stupid stupid...